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in- home massage


Get a great in home massage when you want one.

They Come To You

The massage therapist arrives with a massage table, lotions, oils and music

You’re In Charge

Book in seconds and schedule 8am to 8pm, frome Monday to Saturday where available

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Houre Arrival

A vetted, background-checked massage therapist comes to you in as little as one day


On-Site Chair Massages

Work & Relax
Relax & Invigorate for a Special Events or at the Office

You choose the time, place, length of massage (typically 10-20 minutes per person), and type of massage: chair massage or table massage. Massage therapists massage the neck, back, and arms. Traditional massage companies typically require a week or more. Tell us how many people will want a massage and we help you estimate how many therapists and hours will be required.

Massage therapists travel to your workplace with massage chairs, massage tables, and other equipment. No special preparation or clothing removal is necessary. You choose the frequency from a one-time company treat, to a regular monthly or weekly employee perk.

Providing your employees with massage treatments at work on a regular basis not only prevents the negative effects of stress, anxiety and fatigue it also prevents muscle tension and repetitive strain injuries. When employees are happy, pain-free and healthy you can see the difference in their productivity levels as well in your bottom line!

We offer our clients very affordable rates and offer further discounts on monthly and quarterly packages. If massages at work do not fit your wellness budget, coverage via your companies extended health care benefits may also be used. We have direct billing available and receipt method as well. **Please phone/ mail for more details**
There's nothing like a massage break to boost productivity in the workplace.

Our massage therapists

Qualified staff of therapists constantly improving their skills.






In order to maintain the highest quality service, we ask our customers for giving us their evaluations and suggestions.

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